Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Student Bloomer of the Week (and one NON-student one!)

I'm sorry if you're getting sick of these ... I simply love them, and chortle over them much more often than is technically sane. Catherine over at Dispatches from the Deise wrote a hilarious post about grammar. She also mentioned a new book out by John Humphrys, Lost for Words, in the same vein as Eats, Shoots, and Leaves (by Lynne Truss), which is one of my favorite ever. There goes my book allowance (I don't really GET a book allowance, but doesn't it sound good?). Anyway, here are the newest:

* From one of my new writing students, responding to a questionnaire I always give out the first day of class, asking for information about previous writing experience: "I defiantly wrote lots of papers in high school." Actually, I'm not sure -- WAS that a typo, or was he just a mad sort of kid?

* And then, while in Seattle, Benita bought one of those pre-wrapped pseudo-logs for their fireplace (which they use about 25x more than usual when I'm there, because I'm always saying, "Oooh! Let's have a fire!"). The label proudly stated, "Illustrious flames!" It's good to know their flames are highly renowed (of course, I have to admit, I looked the word up and illustrious actually an obsolete synonym for luminous. I wonder if it was a case of trying to translate from a different language? Always hazardous!). Anyway, made me laugh.

Pictures are forthcoming from our ferry trip in Seattle. We did not lose Mara over the side, despite what those of you who know her personality and genius for throwing herself around might suspect! I had also forgotten how interesting it is to people-watch on the ferry! Some of the other passengers were so ... so ... wow.

love, kristin


  1. i'd go with intended - i imagine many students are defiant about their assignments - muttering many non-family friendly terms under their breath as they type away at 2 a.m. so - if the student meant something else, they still made sense, in spite of themselves! rmw

  2. Hi, I live in the NW too! I actually live north of Vancouver in a small town! We just moved to 8 acres and have about 15 apple trees.

  3. L.E. -- I know; I rather suspect this particular student of being cross, anyway! :) By the way, last night I got the ... are you ready ... "right to BARE ARMS" one. It's not unique, but it's still the best mental picture!

    H.B.M. -- Hi! Welcome to the blog! The Vancouver area is absolutely gorgeous; I love the west side of the state. And I'm extremely jealous of your 8 acres, your apple trees, and your stone cottage (I love the picture on your profile). Come back & visit often!