Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ahhh, Bliss

So, here I am in Seattle (northwest side of the state). I got all the final papers and essay exams graded (it was nearly the end of me, but not quite), turned grades in to the Records Office (I only flunked one this quarter, which is really rather amazing for me), and the kids and I got out of Dodge. With the help of Benita (a dear friend of ours, for those of you who aren't on the Adventist grapevine -- she's married to Steve Schwab, if you are in the grapevine but haven't been following it lately). She drove over and picked the four of us up and drove us to their house in Seattle, and Scott will be driving over after work on Thursday.

I got through the last week on fumes, a lot of frantic prayer, and the knowledge that I was going on vacation if I could just survive! All three of the kids got very sick. In fact, the gradeschool shut down for two days because over half their attendance was home sick. Last I heard, the heath dept. was thinking the offending germ was an Influenza B. All I know that my three were sure sick as heck. Fevers of over 102, croup, all that good stuff. Steven's pretty much all better (judging by his level of pestiness to his sisters), but Emily's still a little "peaked," as my grandfather would have said. In between all this illness, I was giving a final and doing a bunch of grading. Mom and Dad had gone on a week-long trip to see family (test week is usually a great week for them to be gone, in terms of babysitting for me -- they had planned it to be as helpful as possible -- you know, when I wasn't teaching, and all that!), and Scott was working his usual 60-hour week with 5:30 a.m. starts. Whee!

But it's all over now, and I spent today shopping at Half-Price Books (greatest new/used bookstore EVER ... okay, Powell's is the best, by HPB is pretty darn good), drinking a lot of coffee, sleeping in while someone else made cocoa for the kids and turned on Looney Tunes for them to watch (aunts are FANTABULOUS), doing some ceramic painting, taking a nap, etc. (not in that exact order). We'll be here (Seattle) all week (I know that makes me sound like a Las Vegas performer), and head home on Sunday. I'll be posting some pictures of our adventures, hopefully (providing I don't leave the camera back at the house every time (the usual state of things -- can I get it implanted in my forehead?). What are YOU doing this week?

love, kristin

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  1. Hi Kris, Scott, and kids,
    Loved reading about your cool vacation with Benita in Seattle. Sounds wonderful. I know how wonderful it can be to have Benita around, so nuturing. Having a good book store to visit and ample amounts of coffee is a delight.
    I just this minute have myself caught up on your adventures for the months of March and April. Loved the pics of Mom and Dad and of coarse the kids in their Easter fun. Loved the baby chicks too, so very true the way you describe their sleeping and eating habits. They are a bit ugly at first, but will be interesting to watch them grow. I didn't realize you had so many cats....never too many.
    Say hello to the kids for us. Everything is as usual here in BBR. The rain and snow still make for interesting days. Work actually is becoming a nightmare....way to many poeple without homes and jobs. Not enough time or resources to help. Big hug to all.
    Love Kathy and Fred