Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Park

Well, last weekend it was (briefly, but it was) sunny, and we ventured out to our local park. It's really a rather decent little park, considering the size of our town. Of course, while we were there, we saw three separate families we recognized, including one couple who are parents of someone we graduated high school with (Jeremy, for those of you who know) -- it is, after all, a small town! I actually like that about where we live -- the seeing of people you know everywhere. I realize there are many people for whom that is practically as pleasant as bubonic plague, but it doesn't make me claustrophobic at all. Here are some pictures of our adventure (and why is it that no-one under the age of 10 seemed any less energetic after running around wildly for an hour?):

You might notice there is only one picture of Steven (and he's looking sort of odd and a little blurry). That would be because my camera does not do well with motion (that little delay on digital cameras is just a killer), and he considers any second at the park during which he is not in constant motion to be a sad, sad waste. I'm glad for children who: a) have a place to play; b) can play; and c) like to play. Wouldn't it be dreadful to have children who didn't have any one of those three things?

Love, kristin

P.S., does anyone else who knows what Sharlene's girls look like think that sometimes Emily looks very like them? It's the chin, the eyes, and the skin color. Um, is that her whole face? Considering that they are her cousins, I suppose that's not surprising!

P.S.S., my great-nieces and great-nephews are SO CUTE, I can't stand it. The twins' newest pictures are here and there are some absolutely killing pictures of Emma doing ballet and Jake at swimming class (goggles are always excellent) here.


  1. Hi Kristin--it's fun keeping up with you through your blog. Emily really does remind me of Nicola...crazy how those genes work!

  2. What lovely faces! It looked like a nice day out. BTW, I love the poem you posted below. I had to read it a few times so I can remember it for a while.

  3. Becky -- I'm glad you're 'with' us! :) Scott always rolls his eyes about all my 'have you noticed how A looks just like B's grandmother, and Aunt C?' and claims he can't see it whatsoever, so I'm glad SOMEONE ELSE can!

    Rhonda Jean -- So fun to have you visit. I'm glad you liked the poem. It was one of those accidental discoveries that made me so happy. It was achingly sad, but in a beautiful way, which made me happy. Right. :)

  4. The kids look so big.....miss Mara has really moved out of the baby look even from last August. Crazy!!!! Can't wait to see all of you sometime soon!!!!!!! love, melissa

  5. i think scott is too close to the trees - as it were;-]. seems to me those little faces shout 'bergman' and whisper 'fry' quite clearly!! such cuties. rmw

  6. Melissa -- I know; isn't it sad? I have no more babies! (That must be why I'm starting to collect baby animals ....)

    LadyEloise -- Have I told you about the Bergman nose thing yet? I must sometime! My sisters and I howl about it every now and again. The kids are too small for me to really look for it yet with them ... but I'm telling you, the genes for it are more potent than any biological weapon. In fact, we (sisters and I) have discussed the possibility of selling said genetics to dictators with the idea that they could threaten enemies with them: "Give us all your diamonds and money or we will bomb you all and you will all turn into Bergmans!" Seriously -- they're *that* powerful.