Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bloomers for Your Gray January Day

As usual, I haven't posted for aaaaages, and this isn't going to be very long itself, but here are a couple of my most favorite recent bloomers from the (very, very high) stack of student papers I've been burrowing through. (The rather odd topics reflect the fact that we've just done an applied argument paper regarding violence, etc., on TV, and the dear souls were trying valiantly to summarize episode plots.):

[In regards to a character associating with women of dubious character]: "He left the house with a prostate." (I don't even know what to say about this one. My dad pointed out that it might be instructive for the student to learn the different between a prostate and a loose woman HIMSELF before doing any "associating" of his own -- as, frankly, it would be much more expensive to go through prostate treatment unnecessarily than to simply, say, take the lady to dinner.)
“They are a close nit group of doctors.” (Apparently, even doctors have [very cozy] vermin infestation sometimes.)
“They have to walk for miles in the dessert to get to a gas station where they can call for help.” (  A) I would consider it a privilege to walk  miles in a dessert, and B) I hate it when I come across gas stations in the pudding.)
I'm so glad I don't teach in the math department (and so are they, believe me). Besides the fact that I would cause my colleagues serious pain and agony, I can't imagine incorrect maths answers would be this funny. Scott says I just haven't ever really understand maths enough to realize how excruciatingly funny some of the wrong answers actually are. This is a good possibility. 
love, kristin