Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mama, There's Snow on the Trees

This time of year really is beautiful in the valley, and particularly around our house. The cherry trees have been in full bloom for the last week or so, and they are just heavenly. The post title comes from a comment by Steven as we drove into our driveway a few evenings ago -- and the trees do look snow-covered. If you step outside the "green door" (our house, like any good farmhouse, has three outside doors) -- the closest one to the orchard -- you can immediately hear the humming of the bees in the blossoms. About two weeks ago our local beekeeper brought a few boxes of bees in to put in the middle of the orchard, and they'll be there for another couple weeks or so. They're essential to the pollination of the blossoms. This year, the weather is perfect for them -- it's been warm and sunny, and not too windy. The bees have been so active we're finding them in our back garden, sampling our flowers. That's an excellent sign, and we're very happy to have them doing a bit of garden work for us, too!

It's like magic to go stand in the middle of the blossoms, listen to the humming, and feel as though you're in the middle of Kilmenny of the Orchard. Spring is so nice.

love, kristin


  1. ah yes - i do miss walla walla in the spring! between the lilacs, the dogwood and the orchards, the air is heady for several weeks in april and may! enjoy for me ;-]. rmw

  2. I know -- isn't it lovely? Spring and fall are so very nice. Vernon's garden is looking beautiful -- I nearly drove off Isaacs Street trying to peer in over the fence the other day. Scott works out at the same time as he nearly every morning, you know, and they discuss bank-ish and business-ish things. Scott thinks he's (Vernon, I mean, not Scott!) is absolutely brilliant in terms of wise finance guidance -- and I think I must agree. kristin

  3. Yes - do tell Scott to tell Vernon hello from me. Vernon's birthday was last week - I believe he is 85 or 86! I send them a brief note each week, but it would be fun to have Scott give him my greetings. Several people at Baker-Boyer told me, when I was preparing for the oral history interviews with Vernon and Marylou, that Vernon is still considered the 'guru' of finance! Scott is very fortunate to have the opportunity to get advice from him. (Not that I'm prejudice or anything.) rmw

  4. Dear Kris, Scott & kids,
    Exciting to be sure, beautiful pictures of your heavenly world. Wish we could be there to see it also. The humming is such a comfort. You are so lucky to have them around.
    Again, so glad to have this blog to come to and see what's going on with the Fry family.
    Keep up the good work, it's so nice for family and friends.
    Love Kathy and Fred

  5. Hi, Kath & Fred -- so glad you are enjoying the blog. I wish we could all sit around in the orchard and drink iced coffee (or hot coffee, or hot mochas, or iced mochas ... is there a theme here?) and chat. We'd have to move for the tractors occasionally, of course, but that would only be occasionally. Having family live this far away from each other is growly. I remember when Scott and I were visiting his family in Germany, and Frau Meyer (the family housekeeper) asked us to show her where we lived then and where we were going to medical school (we were leaving for Loma Linda as soon as we got back to the States). We showed her the 1800+ mile distance on a map, and she was completely horrified. "Oh," she said, "your mother must be crying and crying."

    I know America's wide open spaces are lovely in some ways (travel, grand views, etc., etc.), but I wish we were closer together. Love you, kris