Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tucannon Camping

The Boxcar Kids -- Emily's current favorite in the kids' book department (thanks, all of you, for your suggestions a while ago!)

We just returned from a last-minute, weekend-long camping trip to the Tucannon area (just outside Dayton, WA). There are about 20 (I'm not exaggerating) little campgrounds every couple of miles along that road, with just a few sites in each -- and absolutely no improvements (that's not true -- there were outhouses!). There are also almost no fellow campers, which suited us just fine. The area used to be semi-forested with pine trees, but following a serious wildfire in 2005, it's fairly open. Plenty of room to ramble, chase butterflies, have campfires, and play Cooties and Uno. (Or, if you're Cap, carry on a failed effort to catch just one ground squirrel.) Boy, do I not miss tent camping! (We have a trailer now -- with bunk beds. Greatest thing ever.)

(From the top:) Scott first thing in the morning by the fire (he's not going to think it's funny that I posted this photo; cheesy breakfast smiles (I know, I know, Steven officially looks like the oldest in the picture -- doesn't he? -- but don't break Emily's heart and tell her); Mara and me (also first thing in the morning, also by the fire); Mara; Steven, Emily & Scott hiking up the ridge behind our trailer (you can see the burn damage well in this photo); Steven (also first thing in the morning --thus the coat & quilt).

love, kristin


  1. Nicely done. Now let's see if I can get this message through!-----Dad

  2. Looks like you had a blast! We just returned from a quick weekend trip ourselves. And I have to agree, to go back to tent camping would be torture! Especially with the torrential downpours we had on Friday night.

  3. Hey Kris!! It's so fun to see what you guys are up to!!!!!!! The babies looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO old! What a fun thing to do for Mother's Day. Give hugs around for me.

    love you,

  4. By the way - I don't think Steven looks like the eldest. Dear Emily - would it help to tell her about Queen Victoria and Cleopatra and Emily Dickinson and Elizabeth Cady Stanton - all women of strength, skill and power - and all less than average height? Not to mention her very own mother ;-]! RMW

  5. * Dad -- Ta da! You did it! (Or I finally got the settings right, or something!)

    * Angie -- Welcome! You have a really great website that I will be going back to peruse more later -- lots of useful information! And there's nothing like a heavy rainstorm to make one really, really happy for a trailer. With a trailer, it's COZY -- you can listen to the rain patter on the roof! :)

    * Melissa -- I know; can you believe it? When you were Steven's age, you were coming and staying with us for a week in the summertime. We are so elderly! Those were fun times, though, weren't they? Remember all the dress-up clothes and old jewelery?

    * L.E. -- You know, I do tell her about people like that (though I hadn't thought of some you had mentioned -- thanks). I think that her brother's size bothers her quite a bit less than the fact that she's so much smaller than everyone else in her CLASS at school. She feels like they baby her and assume she can't do anything by herself. I do sympathize with this, though I think it is kind of the others to offer to carry things for her, etc. And I insist that she not be rude herself by refusing politeness on the part of others (she gets offended when other people open doors for her, as she's sure they're doing it on the principle that she's too small and weak to do it herself!).

    And I think she gets extremely weary of adults who announce brightly, "My! You're very small for your age, aren't you? You look like you're only about 6!" In fact, Scott finally announced to someone who had said that to her just the other day, "Thank you. She knows that, and she doesn't need you to point it out." I was amused, as he's one to speak his mind, but not usually be openly snarly! It IS frustrating when adults assume children have no feelings, though!

    And, wait, are you saying I'm not tall??? :)