Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Missing Pictures

Hah! I got it to work. I won't get into the details of whether it was Blogger or the Blogger user (me) who was making the error ... I will only get all upset again thinking about it!

Here, in all our splendor, you see the entire family at the zoo. Sometimes I look at my pictures and wonder if I look that silly ALL THE TIME, or somehow it just happens in photographs. I'm not sure which of those options is worse, really -- that I will be known to posterity as silly, or that I am known to the entire world right now as silly. The extra obnoxious point is that EVERYONE ELSE at my house takes beautiful pictures. Scott's never looked silly in a picture in his whole life, even when he's actively trying to! How does he DO that? He doesn't even like having his picture taken, and he still looks spiffy.

Benita and I at lunch after the zoo. We ate at Tutta Bella (which I think is a very silly name, but it's the most outrageously good Neopolitan-style pizza. I haven't had real, live, Italian-style pizza since I was in ... Italy. It's very different from American-style pizza: very thin, chewy crust, and a much thinner toppings layer. You can eat an entire 8" pizza all by yourself without being a total pig, since there's so much less there in total. It's not that I don't like Pizza Hut, or anything ... I don't believe there is a variety of pizza which I don't like! Except maybe the English-style pizza I had in England (imagine), with corn and a poached egg on top. Some things just aren't right). The coffee you see in front of us is only there as a prop, and its presence does not indicate that coffee was consumed by either of the picture's subjects. Why do you always assume that I'm drinking coffee constantly?? This picture is further decorated by someone's thumb (I think it was Steve's) and by Emily's little face in the background.

And, Rose Marie, per your comment on the previous post, Benita and Steve do live in Seattle again. I'll let her give you the info about how/why/when that happened and what they are doing with themselves now!

love, kristin

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  1. Well - I must say I think it is a very handsome family, each and every one of you, and coffee is one of the four food groups, right? I'm not surprised you still remember the pizza with the egg on top - I believe that image is seared on both our minds!! Thank goodness there are other excellent meals to cancel that one out!