Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photographs, Actually!

Yes, it's true, I'm actually posting PICTURES! (Not that I ever found the dumb cable -- I invested in a card reader.) Here are some snaps from our recent annual end-of-summer trip to Yachats, Oregon. It's a favorite spot for our family -- my parents even have a watercolor painting of the town on their wall at home. From the top (I do NOT understand how to get the photos to line up properly with Blogspot): Emily proving she is still the same child, coast or not; Scott, my niece Melissa, and our assorted children (our 3, and Melissa & Mike's two -- and they will have either one or two coming soon from Ethiopia!--you might notice it was windy); My dad and his great-granddaughter, Madison (Dad is actually reading, not sleeping -- he wouldn't dream of nodding off!); Emily, Steven, Mara, Emma & Jacob (all the kids in the wind picture) on the sea lion sculpture at Sea Lion Caves (a large sea cave where sea lions take shelter during storms, and sun outdoors on the rocks); and my elder sister, Marsha with her granddaughter Madison (the sleeping baby from the above picture) and Mara (who is her niece -- got it?). I will now start posting all the jillion-and-one pictures I've been supposed to be posting all summer!

love, kristin


  1. I love the picture of your Dad - whom Emily clearly is descended from ;-]! RMW

  2. Hi Kris and Scott,
    Hope things are on the mend for you both. Your past months have been emotionally draining from the sounds of it. Our belated condolences to you both as you mourn the loss of your beloved.

    It is a blessing that you have a physician in the house, a good sounding board for concerns. It comes in handy when you have these mysterious pains going on inside your belly. It is also a miracle that you were able to connect with a very gifted old fashioned doctor in the ER. Who knows what could have happened if you had been sent home again without answers. We are grateful you are okay.

    Love the pictures of the August Beach Trip. I especially am drawn to your picture of Marsha with Mady and Mira. Totally a perfect moment.

    Love, Kathy and Fred