Friday, February 6, 2009

Hurrah! More Babies!

NO! Not MINE! Sorry about any inadvertent heart attacks out there -- my three are all that are going to be growing up at the Cherry Tree Farm, I'm afraid! But my niece (Amanda, for those of you who know my two nieces) has had twins! Yes, that would in fact be two newborns at once. I am so proud of she and her husband Chris -- the journey to get here has been long and difficult. God is really good.

You can look at pictures of Mason and Madison (and Amanda, looking absolutely disgustingly put-together and camera-ready ... it's hardly human, but she's just got that natural ability) here. I do have to acknowledge that this does make me a ... ahem ... great-aunt. I was already, actually, as my other niece, Melissa, and her husband Michael have two children as well. This is just another reminder. Perhaps I can think of "great" in terms of "stupendous" and "marvelous," as opposed to "in the same generation as your grandmother." I'll console myself by remembering that this makes four great-GRANDCHILDREN for my parents!

Love, kristin


  1. Hey Kristin - congrats on your new family arrivals - I had a look a the blog and the lovely photos - gorgeous. They are a fine size too for twins, and mother looks great. I work with newborns all the time as a public health nurse and it is one of the best parts of the job to visit the new families when they get home from the hospital. In Ireland it's a universal free service for everyone, so there is no targeting vulnerable families or anything like that, so people really value our role. Great to see she's breastfeeding too. Give them my best wishes for the future!

  2. Oh Kris! You are "GREAT" only in the fact that you are so wonderful!!! :-) Plus, who can say they are a great aunt in their 30's! What a fun unique fact about you, right? Hee hee! love you, melissa

  3. Catherine -- Thank you for the congratulations; I am so pleased with the babies! I think a nurse visit for new families is such a wonderful idea; I got one with my last (third) child -- the hospital provided it with their OB care. It was absolutely fabulous. The nurse came two days after I came home, and checked on the baby and me too! She weighed the baby so I didn't have to take her in for a weigh-in, made sure I was feeling well, made sure things were going smoothly with the family, etc.

    Melissa, you're a dear. I have to tell you that I had to leave the pictures pulled up on the computer for about an hour, because Mara kept walking by the computer to look at "the babies" that were "so cute" (in a high little voice like a mouse).


  4. It was so fun to see that Amanda had the twins - that they are healthy and look so cute.

    I must also add, in reference to the bread - I am in awe. I keep working on getting just *one* loaf to work. I believe that part of the baking experience is a loaf with heft enough to brain someone.

    And I have jumped in with both feet and am trying a sour dough starter. Has your starter started (snort) working?

  5. way to go, Benita! there is nothing so wonderful as the smell of baking bread. and, after all, we all need a weapon around the house ;-]! or a door stop - that works too. and, Kristin, that is a mouth-watering picture. makes one very hungry!! and, yes, the little ones are very cute and i'm soooooooo glad they are someone else's charge!

    seeing the pictures reminded me of the book i have recommended before "Four Seasons in Rome" by Anthony Doerr. your niece and her husband might enjoy it, but i know you would - as would other of your blog readers. it is about a writer and his wife, with six month old twins, who live in Rome for a year! splendid book!!

  6. Ahhh ... this is why one has friends. To make one feel as though coming out with a loaf of bread which is a a doorstop is actually rather a virtue than otherwise!! :) Benita, go look at the comments under the bread post ... I am planning to have you write a guest post on how to do sourdough! :D

  7. Friends are fabulous! I do think the loaf of bread was so dense, and so un-like real food, that I actually could have retained it as a weapon (without it every molding).

    The book sounds interesting, Lady E. I will have to look for it.

    The sourdough spot? As a posted under the bread post, might take awhile. It was so not sour. :-(